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What is your Goal?

Weight Loss & Toning

CrossFit is high Intensity, and constantly varied! Your body never adapts and is always being pushed to new limits! The end result is continuous weight loss, without the plateau you frequently see in other exercise programs. Using many different types of weight training, body weight movements, and cardiovascular conditioning, you will see fat loss and muscle toning that are second to none. 

Strength & Muscle Gain

Looking to build strength and increase muscle mass? We use several specific strength programs, that are tested and proven to improve strength and gain muscle. We focus on the power lifts, Olympic lifts, body weight movements, and strong man training,to increase strength across many modal domains.

Athletic Performance

CrossFits methodology aims to train 10 physical skills: Cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance,Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. Improving these 10 skills are the main focus in our daily programming. If you are looking to improve ANY area of athletic performance, you won’t find a more complete program anywhere else!

Health & Longevity

Often times, making the choice to start a fitness regimen will lend itself to making better choices outside of the gym. If done correctly, the balance of eating right and CrossFit training could lead to a reduction in chronic diseases and the need for prolonged medical treatments. At YCCF, we aim to improve not only your health, but also your quality of life! If your goal is to improve your health, you will find the perfect community to support you in your journey!

55 & Over Fitness

Looking to stay fit as an active older adult? Wanting to keep up with your grandchildren? Or possibly even start a new fitness adventure to improve your quality of life?? Look no further! At YCCF, we have a large population of 55+ and specialize in scaling movements to be appropriate for our older clientele. We understand that as you age, special care must be taken to address certain factors such as limited range of motion, previous injuries, and/ or joint pain/ problems. We guide you in movements that are appropriate for your body while taking your age into consideration.

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