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Tracy Ramos

There I was my first day of CrossFit. I walked in and was so scared, yet felt so very welcomed and at peace. I joined Yuba City CrossFit (YCCF) in Nov 2013. When I first started, I was wearing a size 14-16. I was tired of being overweight and my clothes not fitting, so I decided to change my routine of fitness and eating.

I started going three days a week and after the first 30 days, I noticed a difference in my strength and confidence. But the best thing that was happening was shrinking. My clothes were getting bigger. I was elated! So from that day on, I was addicted to this amazing was of life called CrossFit. At this point I wanted more, so I committed to 6 days a week.

In March 2014 our trainer Abbey decided to have a 30-day Paleo Challenge. I thought, “What the heck. Why not give it a try?!” At the end of the 30 days, I had lost 6.5 inches overall. I was so proud of myself. Also, I had dropped 2 sizes. I was hooked on Paleo after that. Now I am approaching my 8 month mark at YCCF and I am a true believer in CrossFit .I am stronger and healthier now. I am down 6 sizes and my BP, cholesterol and body fat have dropped significantly.

I can’t thank the trainers and people at the box enough!

– Tracy Ramos

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