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Tracey Hedrick

My name is Tracey and I started coming to yccf at the end of June in 2013. Before coming here , I had been running and working out at another gym in town kind of doing my own thing. My brother and his wife talked me into trying cf and I’m super glad they did! I was like I run 5 miles every other day, how bad can it be?? At first, I thought I was going to die,lol. Abbey was so great. Encouraging, knowledgable,tough, and nurturing all at the same time. When I started I couldn’t do a regular push up, was scared to do a box jump, and when I tried to do a pull up my feet wouldn’t even leave the ground. So now , it’s been over a year, and I can do all those things I thought I would never be able to do. And did I mention in look freakin amazing?? Because I do,lol.. I have gone down at least 2 pant sizes and even won the last paleo challenge! I have never felt athletic in my life , but I kinda do now.. I have four kids and I’m forty , and I’m in the best shape I have ever been in in my entire life. I’ve been thin, but never this healthy and strong. Everyone here is so supportive and I could never have done it without you. I am proof that anyone that works hard and has a goal, whether it’s to do a pull up or to get into fabulous shape, you can definitely accomplish all of your goals here! Let you inner beast roar!

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